Round.17 Malaysia Free Practice


Rd17 マレーシアGP/セパンサーキット: 2016年10月28日(金)

気温: 28℃  路面: 31℃

 2016年第17戦マレーシアGPがセパンサーキットで始まった。凍えるような寒さの前戦から一転、赤道直下の灼熱に包まれた金曜日の走行で、IDEMITSU Honda Team Asiaの中上貴晶は、午後のFP2で2分08秒816を記録した。




中上貴晶 (2nd, 2’08.905, +0.089)


ラタパー・ウィライロー (15th, 2’10.443, +1.627)





Nakagami Sets 2nd Quickest in Sweltering Sepang with 15th for Wilairot


Weather: Dry
Ambient: 28℃:Track: 31℃

From freezing cold to scorching heat, the penultimate round of the 2016 Moto2 World Championship crossed the equator and got underway at Sepang International Circuit today. Several months prior to this race weekend, some modifications were made with resurfacing, changing camber for the final turn, and widening run-offs.

  IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia man Takaaki Nakagami, who had dislocated his right shoulder only six days ago, assessed the new track conditions with demonstrating formidable speed. In the afternoon’s FP2, he set the second quickest time of 2m08s905, which is only 0.089 off the fastest.

Another IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia rider Ratthapark Wilairot posted fifteenth quickest time in his backyard that has an easy access from Thailand. He set 2m10s443 with a help of his local people’s enthusiastic support.

The next practice session FP3 starts at 1055 local time (GMT +8) before qualifying gets underway from 1505.

Takaaki Nakagami (2nd, 2’08.905, +0.089)

“At the beginning of FP2, track conditions were still damp and far from perfect, so I stayed in the box to see how it would go. On 20minutes to go, I went out on the track and did consecutive laps till the end. I am happy about my riding because I kept on improving in every lap. I am also happy about my shoulder because it doesn’t hurt any more, which gave me the confidence to set second quickest. We try hard to get front row tomorrow. ”

Ratthapark Wilairot (15th, 2’10.443, +1.627)

“We had typical Sepang weather today, and even in this difficult conditions I set fifteenth fastest, which is good. I didn’t make flying lap because there were still some wet patches on the track, and we concentrated on race setup. Our target for tomorrow is getting a good grid to make a good race on Sunday.”

Tadayuki Okada - Team Manager

“Track conditions in FP2 were a little bit complicated with some damp remaining on the track. Taka did very well to get over such difficult situation. The behavior of his machine is very good as far as I saw it from the trackside. He will get good position tomorrow. And for Feem, this track is very close to his home country, which makes him more motivated. Definitely, this will give him more concentration and competitiveness.”